You are in the right place! Malko has more than 375 honest reviews, here are some examples of what our customers have to say:

  • Armor for your beloved Funko Pops: Starting out with a small Funko collection, I realized I needed to protect these bad boys once I realized they could be worth something. My first batch of 10 protectors were the Malko 0.5mm and they are sturdy! This provided the best bang for the buck in terms of protection. I needed to buy more protectors and wrongfully purchased a cheaper set of protectors that I won't be going back to. Malko all the way!

  • BEST POP Protectors you will find!!!!! These POP Protectors are AMAZING! These are the thicker ones, not the flimsy ones most others sell. These are 0.50mm THICK and it definitely shows. I used the others and will never use any others except these. They have a nice plastic cover on each, very easy to push into shape and the locking tab on the back is excellent! I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE. GET THEM YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • Just what I was looking for: As a new N64 retro game collector, I was searching for some high-quality box protectors in order to keep my newly purchased CIB N64 games intact. I stumbled upon Malko's box protectors for N64 and SNES and I decided to give them a try! When receiving the product, I could tell that the material felt of a high quality and that these cases are quite durable. When you first get them, you have to unfold them yourselves like doing origami which does take some time to get it perfect, but the end result is awesome! The Cases are not only durable, but they feature a special film that helps preserve the box-art intact! What makes these boxes even better is the extra locking mechanism featured on one side which I like to have the right side protected since that is the usual side retro game boxes open from. These box protectors make old game boxes look brand new too as they are excellent for using to display your collection! Overall, the product is a very good one and I can highly recommend this product to any retro N64 and SNES collector that wants there products protected, preserved, and displayed!

  • Protect and serve/ save!!! The product is very good. Assemble is confusing at the beginning on you 3rd one you get the trick. If fits up to a silver age book in regular bags and boards (no mylites) as you can see in the picture very thick books fit in them regular top loaders you won't be able to do. Price is awesome half of what a top loader will cost you.Top loaders are harder than this product but the price factor I think I like this product better.

  • Amazing wouldn't get any other ones: These are amazing I tried ones that had alot more ratings but all where scratched and these one come individually wrapped in plastic so each case is perfect which is awesome for my steelbook collection

  • Thick Protector Good Quality: I really like these protectors, they are thicker than the standard covers, but not has expensive as the hard plastic.

  • Easy to use, great fit: Had never used these before, but wanted to protect my NES box. Pretty easy to fold into place. Box fits easily and won't slide around in case. Will protect against scratches, but probably not from damage and dust will be able to get inside unless it's taped tightly. I plan on buying acrylic cases, but they are a lot more expensive. These will work great temporarily or if you simply don't want to spend the money on acrylic cases.

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