Malko PREMIUM Funko Pop Protector Case for 4 inch Vinyl Figures
  • EXTRA STRONG & DURABLE 1 mm thick they are something in between hard stacks and regular pop protectors, this hard case is made of almost rigid high quality Raw P.E.T plastic. They are 3 times thicker than our regular protectors.
  • KEEP YOUR MOST VALUABLE AND RAREST FIGURES SAFE: Forget about any box damage with this high-end super thick crystal clear plastic. Stack and display your most expensive figures or favorite characters in their original packaging without worrying of anything.
  • STRONG LONG TERM PROTECTION Our protectors are made of the best tier RAW PET PLASTIC, not PVC involved. Over 57% of PVC contains chlorine, and it will break down over time, leaching chemicals onto whatever it is in contact with. When you buy Malko you get the best quality plastic so you don't have to worry about any damage in the future
  • ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Each is shipped flat and requires to fold in proper shape. Due to thickness of the product we were not able to maintain the Auto locking system and the tab.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNED By purchasing PET, you are doing your part to support their reuse, all parts of it can be recycled and turned into a multitude of new uses.

Malko PREMIUM Funko Pop Protector Case for 4 inch Vinyl Figures

Pack of:
  • 5 Pack      - $14.95

    10 Pack    - $13.475 Each pack of 5

    25 Pack    - $12 Each pack of 5

    50 Pack    - $10.95 Each pack of 5

Malko Protectors 

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