Welcome to Malko protectors: Protect your investment with the best plastic protectors, available for Funko Pop, SNES and NES games, Comic books, Steelbooks and Slipcover Blu-rays.

Our protectors are made of acid free crystal clear P.E.T plastic and it is a 100% recyclable.



Malko Protectors is a trusted name in premium protector cases for any 

collection. From Funko Pop Protectors to cases for SNES / NES Games, Comics or Steelbooks, everything is designed by collectors for collectors.

Our protectors are made of the highest tier ACID FREE RAW PET PLASTIC, not PVC involved. Over 57% of PVC contains chlorine, and it will break down over time, leaching chemicals onto whatever it is in contact with.


Each protector case is individually wrapped with an easy-to-peel protective film to avoid scratching during transit and before you display your precious collection.


When you buy Malko you get the best quality plastic so you don't have to worry about any damage in the future.

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