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Showcase and safeguard your Funko Pop figures with our 0.5 MM plastic protective cases. Whether you're displaying a standard 4 inch figure or a towering 10-inch Pop figure, we've got you covered. Our Funko Pop protectors are designed with precision to ensure a snug fit and unparalleled protection. For those who seek only the finest for their collection, we have the best funko pop protectors that offer a blend of clarity and durability second to none. Catering to various sizes, our 10 inch Funko pop protector and 6 inch Funko pop protector are tailored to envelop your figures with care. And for those special dual sets, our 2 pack Funko pop protector ensures both figures shine side by side. Dive into a world where your Funko Pops are not just displayed, but celebrated.

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