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Our story

Malko technically started at a garage sale in the thumb of Michigan with a box of vintage GI Joe’s. 

Originally from Madrid, Spain, I was unfamiliar with garage sales until I moved to the States in 2013, and once introduced to digging through other people’s unwanted items, I was hooked! I’ve always been a collector – action figures, movies, video games, you name it, and thrifting just amplified my love for all things media and pop culture.

However, through my thrifting and collecting, I noticed there just wasn’t any good protection for my different collections. So, I created it! Whether it’s Funko Pop!s, movies, action figures, or video games, Malko has a line of protectors for whatever you collect.

Our protectors are made with recyclable PET plastic, and are durable (they’ve been kid-tested, trust me!), and every single one is designed with the product in mind, so they fit snug around that specific item.

When it comes to video game collecting,  we have an extensive line of protectors for a lot of different systems – old school and new! SNES, NES, Switch, PS1, Game Boy - you name it, we protect it. 

I have to admit that one of my favorite things to do when I purchase a SNES game to add to my collection is to put it inside a protector. The difference is real! Also if the box condition is not the best, the protector makes them look better. Nice and shiny!

When you purchase from Malko, you’re not just supporting a small business, but you also will have peace of mind that the protection for your collection was designed by an actual collector. 

So, as always, happy collecting!

Sergio Martinez

Malko Protectors

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