• DESIGNED FOR ACTUAL COMICS: Preferible bagged and boarded. Protect and Display your book collection with this custom made cases.
  • NO DETERIORATION Our protectors are made of RAW PET PLASTIC. Not PVC involved, Over 57% of PVC contains chlorine, and it will break down over time, leaching chemicals onto whatever it is in contact with.
  • TOP FLAP contains a white label, so you can organize your collection, have easy access and easily identify the books in your long/short box. Fine permanent marker needed (Not included)
  • PROTECTIVE FILM Each one is individually wrapped with its own Easy-peel protective film that keeps the protector from getting scratched before it gets to you.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNED By purchasing PET, you are doing your part to support their reuse, all parts of it can be recycled and turned into a multitude of new uses.

Comic Book Top Loader Protector Sleeve Display Case for Actual Comics

  • 10 Pack      - $13.95

    20 Pack      - $12.95 Each pack of 10

    50 Pack      - $11.45 Each pack of 10

Malko Protectors 

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